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The kit arrives packed in its own purpose built cradle as a self contained unit.

All the kit components are packaged around and inside the fuselage structure within the wooden cradle.

The wing structure is Kevlar and Carbon fibre with composite skins, finished with a white gel coat that requires very little external finishing.
The main undercarriage legs are created from multi-layered carbon fibre composite with pre-installed duct for hydraulic brake lines. 
On the end of the main gear, substantial wheels and hydraulic disc brakes ensure stable and controllable ground handling.
Whilst at the front, a well designed self-castoring nose leg with coil sprung rubber damped suspension  provides solidity and safety.
In the nose, one can find the battery and main circuit breakers.  Very comprehensive 1:1 size plans for the wiring looms are provided along with every part required down to the last cable marker and tie wrap.
Front rudder pedal assembly is easily adjustable for pilot leg length. All parts are finished to the highest standard.
All the control linkages are of light aircraft size and standard. Shown here are the independent brake master cylinders and the elevator / aileron control linkage
The engine fitted in the 650 is a Rotax 912S. The picture on the left shows a partially installed earlier R912 engine on it's bearer before fitment of any electrics. All the engine work is carried out before installation, thus greatly simplifying access for the builder. That said, once in the plane, the engine could hardly be more accessible for inspection once the two part top cowling is removed.
There is an almost unlimited scope for the type and style of instrument layout in the Sky Arrow, as these components can be builder specified. This is just one possible format. There is space, lower middle centre, for 3 panel-mount avionics units, still leaving space below them for more gauges or a GPS unit. Flight controls are via conventional rudder pedals and side-stick, which incorporates trim and PTT switches. The two levers in front of the right stick are the independent hydraulic brakes, with locking mechanism for parking. On the left can be seen throttle and choke with variable friction control, starter key switch and variable cool / warm air vent. The red labelled recessed lever is an emergency fuel and electrical cut-off control.
This aircraft is a true two seater, with ample head, leg and shoulder room for both pilot and passenger, whilst still allowing them to feel 'part of the aircraft'. Rear side windows are removable in flight. With the wing above and behind both pilot and passenger's heads, the visibility is unsurpassed. 



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